Tuesday, April 29, 2008

house photos

see the blog below for more details!

almost happy homeowners

if all goes well, we'll be homeowners in 15 days. there's a little cottage in scottsville, about 15 miles from charlottesville, under contract with our name on it. it's in need of some love - a little paint, a little shifting around and new kitchen counters - but after that it'll perfect and best of all - ours all ours.
so basically thinking about this new baby and new house and chasing t2 is taking up all of my brain space. what color should i paint the baby's room? it keeps me up at night.

Friday, April 11, 2008

home sweet home

we made it.
we packed up everything and left california, tayloe and me and lawrence, two cars & a huge uhaul pulling a small sports car strong. tayloe single handedly dropped gas prices from 3.59 to .59 cents in st. louis with one foul swoop of the truck to the gas sign and we stayed in a very scary 'inn' in stringer new mexico (call it, friendo), but other than that it was happily uneventful.
my mother & dad are destined for sainthood. they had big times with t2 and he had BIG times with them. he's still calling for his 'janjane' and runs around looking for her. seeing him again after 8 days was amazing. he looked huge.
and i gotta say it, it's good to be home. it's funny how you don't realize you felt vulnerable until you don't feel vulnerable anymore. like having itchy pants all day and then realizing that night when you undress that you've had sand in your panties.
we've even found a house we like in c'ville and made an offer.
little tayloe's in hog heaven. lest you forget there's a huge river right in front of the cottage. one. giant. puddle. today he had the best time at low tide running into the little waves that i just didn't have the heart to stop him from sitting down in it. soaked, sandy and happy, we eventually wandered back up to the house for juice and cookies.
it's peaceful and happy here, but two things are driving me crazy.
first, where is the gold chicken toilet topper?
and second, the permasoft conditioner is all alone in the shower without it's mate, permasoft shampoo. where'd it go?