Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some video

sometimes it's just good.

Monday, August 17, 2009

almost 1


hi from thomas. mr. serious. mr. i'm going to check you out for 20 minutes and make sure you aren't a serial killer. mr. you have to work to make me smile. unless i know you and i'm 100 percent sure you aren't a serial killer. then i'll smile for you. maybe.
i have no idea where this year went. woosh. poof. gone. thomas will be 1 on the Sept. 1. i'm a little ashamed to admit this, but in my mind he's still only about 4 months old so, you know, i'm pretty shocked by this whole approaching birthday thing. somebody has their dates mixed up. and it's not me.
today little tayloe and i were outside cutting the grass while thomas was napping. we finished up and got off the tractor and he went his way and i went mine. after a few minutes he came over and said he heard thomas crying and that we should go inside and 'ask him if he had a good nap.' charmed i said OK, knowing there was no way he heard him crying because the AC was on and all the windows were shut. plus i have super sonic mom ears making it impossible for him to hear something i didn't.
but sure enough we went inside and thomas was in fact awake & crying. kind of amazed, i asked tayloe how he'd heard thomas.
he said, 'i dunno. i just heard him.' well then. i guess that pretty much explains it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

quick catch up

thomas started crawling (finally)
tayloe turned 3. he got a new swingset and wants to have a birthday party just about every week. last friday he said, 'mom, i have a birthday coming up, right?'
thomas is 11 months and uses words on a regular basis. uh-oh, pee-boo, nigh-nigh, broda (brother) and bye-bye among them. this totally amazes me.
tayloe hasn't had an accident during the day or at night in i don't know how long.
thomas has 4 upper teeth coming in and hasn't slept through the night in at least two weeks, maybe longer. it's really very unfun.
tayloe is still on the waiting list for the preschool we prefer and although they keep telling me to have faith, it's making me very nervous. crazy nervous.
my camera just became unbroke so maybe someday soon i'll post some pictures again. and video.
tayloe asks 4 million questions a day and his most favorite thing to do is to tell me when there's a red light, when there's a green light and when a big hill is coming up.
our puppy june was lost all last week after a fence door was left open. turns out she was right down the street making friends with a new family.
johnny, our male puppy, probably weighs close to 60 lbs. he's 5 months old.
tayloe calls his umbrella his 'rainbrella.'
thomas eats more food than seems humanly possible.
big tayloe turned 40 caught a ginormous 6.5 pound bass in the mill pond the day after his birthday. it was so exciting i cried.
we have more tomatoes than we could ever possibly eat. ever.