Tuesday, December 16, 2008

things unseen

as if real life wasn't enough to keep up with, lately tayloe's been creating entire scenarios in his head and then trying to explain them in 2 year old twoglish. the combination is mind blowing. most of the time i have no idea what he's talking about even when i can clearly understand him.
yesterday we rescued a frog from under the sink (with a hammer no less) and chased him around the house. we also caught about 100 very large fish in wolly's dog bowl using cookies for bait. his baby (a doll i gave him when thomas was born) has had a tummy ache (mama, baby's dummy hwurts) all day and has been changed, burped, tucked and untucked into bed about 1,000 times. right now he's doing weekly maintenance on his fleet of trucks and farm animals.
he spends a lot of time with his gang of people, moving them around in trucks, putting them in the laundry basket, hiding them under things and talking to them.
i was going to get him this cool marble maze thing for christmas, but i think instead i'm going to get him a doll house because he loves to move things around and create situations (look, mommy, people watch george. look mommy, people to pete's house. look mommy make tookies.)
seen any good ones?

post script: before tayloe went to bed, i showed him a few doll houses i found online and asked if he liked them. he went bananas, chattering on and on about having a home for his people. he got so wound up it took close to an hour to get him in bed. he showed me the one he liked the most but of course it was out of stock so i just spent 2 hours scanning the web like a crazy person to find it somewhere else. i never did find the exact one, but i ordered one very very similar. i won't link to it because ... well, what if he checks my blog? you'll have to wait for christmas morning photos. and yes, i'll probably sit up all night christmas eve assembling the thing (while big tayloe snores on the couch) which will for sure have instructions only in korean and be missing 7 or 8 essential pieces and i'll have to call india to reorder and it'll take so long we'll be able to give it to him as a birthday present in july. but regardless of that i'm now very very excited for christmas because i know i've gotten at least one incredibly perfect gift.

Friday, December 12, 2008

3 months

thomas and i went to his 2 month doctor's appointment yesterday (um, a month late. second child, waddya gonna do?). he weighs nearly 14 lbs and is 25 and a half inches long, which apparently is really long. i think he's starting to look more like his older brother, though he's not nearly as active as tayloe was. he's happy to just lie on his back on his mat and occasionally kick his legs. he'll stand up if we make him, but he'd just assume snuggle up to us under his blanket and smile and gurgle until he falls asleep. i can't help but wonder (hope) if he'll be a little less active than tayloe. our family could use a thinker.
i find myself longing for time with him - when i can just hold him and talk to him and rub his little downy head and even when we have time i want it to last just a little bit longer.
both of our guys are sweet. tayloe's like a sour patch kid. yummy with a punch and very addictive. thomas is sweet like a marshmallow. fluffy and soft. you can eat a million and never feel too full.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

why 2 year olds should be reporters

what if, 'what doin' mama? mama, what doin? dada, what doin? what doin dada? oh, why mama? why mama? mama, why? MAMA why? WHY? WHAT DOIN'? MAMA, MAMA WHAT DOIN? mama, dada, what doin?' was redirected to the president?
'mr. bush, was war wrong? mr. bush? huh mr. bush? was war wrong? mr. bush, was war wrong? why mr. bush? why? MR. BUSH? mr. bush? mr. bush what doin'? what doin' in iraq? MR. BUSH? c'mon mr. bush. c'mon. mr. bush, WWWWHHHHAAAATTT DOOOOOIIINN'?'
i'm pretty sure we'd have some answers.

Monday, December 01, 2008

owie rain

i took the boys for a walk today in our new amazing, fantastic superdooper BOB double stroller. we had a fine time and stopped at the park to play. on the way home, i noticed an ominous cloud behind me and pretty soon the wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and before i knew it little pin pricks were poking me in the face. shit. it's freaking hailing.
i started running and realized i wouldn't make it home without freezing everyone to death, probably literally, so i made a mad dash for the service station nearby. i saw dusty, the hottest service station attendant ever, through a foggy window and started mouthing, 'shit, shit, shit' in hopes that he'd open the door, which he did, welcomingly. it was kinda like that scene in 'war of the roses' when kathleen turner and michael douglas meet on a rainy night at an estate auction, except it was broad daylight, i'm married (lovingly), have two young kids in tow and he's not a day over 17. anyway.
what was my point? oh, so we're sitting inside watching the hail and freezing rain and tayloe looks at me, holding his face, and says 'mama, OWIE RAIN!' (luckily not, 'oh shit, owie rain'). he talked about it all day, how we got caught in an owie rain storm.
i love it. owie rain.
ps - look at that dimple on thomas' cheek. slays me.
pps - dusty gave us a ride home in his truck. sigh.