Tuesday, November 03, 2009


twinsies, both at 14 months, give or take. if thomas keeps eating the way he does (he weighs 25 1/2 lbs) it won't be long before people really think they are.

Monday, November 02, 2009

lightning mcqueen it was

there are other, better photos but they're stuck on my camera and will remain there until i can find the silly rip cord thingamabob that i ALWAYS lose. belch.
we had a great halloween - a party at tayloe's school and then trick or treating on the lawn at UVa. the dazed look on little tayloe's face kinda says it all - he's always been overwhelmed in crowds. so many people, so much to do, never really sure where to start. we guided him along and he had fun. after about 45 minutes he took off his costume and told us he was ready to go home.
thomas, on the other hand, could have sat in his stroller batting his balloon and drooling on his lollipop all day. i thought he was going to buck at being in his zebra costume, but he didn't mind it at all. as long as he has a snack and someone else is doing the work he's perfectly content.
saturday night we'd planned on trick or treating in our little town of scottsville, but rainy weather and the bucket of halloween candy we already had helped us change our minds. instead, we watched charlie brown and got tayloe really excited for trick or treaters - all 2 of them - to come to our house. he kept calling them 'tricker trickers' and that combined with the way he sat peering out the front window waiting for them kinda melted my heart.