Friday, March 20, 2009


oh thomas. i could gush on you all day. my new favorite name for you is rosy cheek apple face. you're just luscious. if naming kids after fruit wasn't so queer i'd of done it.
so it's spring here and that makes me happy. we all love being outside. in fact, i'm starting to think little tayloe might be happier if we just put his bed in the chicken coop. i've never known a child to love dirt and mud so much. every single pair of pants he owns have mud stains on the knees. it's awesome.
tomorrow we're building raised beds for our vegetable garden, so today i ordered a load of dirt and compost. tayloe was so excited when he saw the truck pull up, he couldn't sleep for his nap.
that excited.
over. a. pile. of. dirt.
happy days.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

worst mom ever

and the mother most unprepared for snow but takes her kid out in it anyway award goes to ... me.
little tayloe has on one mitten that's a sock, rain boots and his coat is held together with paper clips because the zipper broke at least a month ago. even he knows it looks dorky because when i come at him with the clips i get a big 'AW MAMA, No please!' nice.
obviously i didn't really think it was going to snow or i would have gotten the kid some snow pants, snow boots and mittens. and certainly i would have fixed his coat.
i thought we were in the clear - it was 68 degrees last friday for god's sake.
we do have a really fantastic sled, however, thanks to his grandpop and miss jackie.
hey ... he wanted to go outside and play and i wasn't going to let a little thing like lack of clothing get in the way. and despite our makeshift snow outfit and it's obvious, um, shortcomings, it wasn't being cold that caused the meltdown. it was having to walk back up the hill and my refusal to pull him on the sled.
t, next year i'll do better. you and i and thomas and daddy will be sleigh riding, snowman building fools. and i'll take lots of pictures to redeem myself.
i promise.

Monday, March 02, 2009

6 months

there's just nothing better than a 6 mo old baby. i'm curious you all think he looks like. when little tayloe, thomas and i are out together, people often say they both favor me. i think thomas looks a lot like both tayloe and me. others think he looks way more like big tayloe. waddya think?