Thursday, March 27, 2008

thumpa, thumpa

i had my 4 month appt today and for fun i took t2 with me.
he sat on my legs as the nurse poked around my belly looking for little baby's heartbeat. t2 watched intently, glancing worriedly from me to her to the heart beat apparatus. when we heard it i said, 'that's your brother' and his eyes got big as grapefruits.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

last week

this time next week we'll be on the road, little tayloe will be safe on the east coast with his grandparents and it'll be my last day being 32. hm.
i had my last swim classes today, which made me very sad. the kids are so cute and they're so much fun in the water. i'll have to find a place in virginia to put my kiddie swim knowledge to good use.
packing is going so slowly. one day i think i'm really on the ball and the next it seems like we've hardly made a dent. it's so easy to get caught up in other stuff like canceling bills and saying goodbye to friends and getting the cars ready to make the trip that packing easily slips to the end of the list. nevermind that this week both our washer has broken and we had an electric problem that required a handyman be here all day yesterday. (tayloe and i fixed the washer on our own. bravo for us!) oh, and little tayloe has occasionally and without warning been barfing since friday. more on that later.
i keep thinking about monday night, when it'll all be done and tayloe and i will be in a hotel waiting to shove off the next day. come on, monday.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

easter, part 2

happy easter

we had a big day on sunday. the easter bunny brought baskets and hid all the eggs we dyed and then we had brunch and another easter egg hunt at a neighbor's house. i even made jellybean cupcakes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

favorite pastimes

when little tayloe isn't helping me unpack boxes, he's begging me to turn the hose on in the backyard so he can spend hours filling and emptying pans and buckets, making puddles and watering the picnic table. honestly, hours.
i can't wait to take him up to mt.airy to water paint the exterior. oh kid, have i got a job for you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

best good friend

the good thing about packing for a move is that eventually everything turns up. i found my camera charger and with it these weeks old photos of tayloe and his best buddy at the park.
meet sean. tayloe's opposite in so many ways and his very favorite playmate. they stomp puddles, they dominate the slide, they run circles around each other, they kiss on the lips.
sean is proof that great kids come from great moms (and dad's). sean's mother lisa is one of my very favorite people and i'm going to miss her terribly. i get teary thinking about it, so i'm going to stop thinking about it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bye bye

note that i haven't posted many pictures lately. there's a reason. i can't find the camera charger. or the rip cord. boo.
tonight i put little tayloe in his bed and covered him up to his nose, the way he likes. i told him we loved him and before i turned to leave, he wiggled his little arm up from under the covers and waved to me. bye bye mama.
jeeze louise.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

carry me back to ole virginny

i'm pregnant, my birthday is very near and we've been in our house for two years. obviously, it's time to move.
we've got 2 more weeks in sunny santa monica until we load our u-haul and head back to virginia. i realized today i hadn't posted this news on my blog and i think that's because it's only now sinking in. we've been hemming and hawing over it for months, but things just fell into place recently and a plan started to form. after a couple of months at the cottage, we're looking forward to settling in charlottesville, where i spent the first 12 years of my life and where tayloe's lived on and off since college. it's a good place to put some roots down since we already have some there.
there are two things i'm enormously excited about. the first is thunderstorms. big boomer clouds that rush in late in the afternoon, dump rain and lots of crackle and then move on, leaving steamy evening skies.
the other is lightening bugs. flicker, flicker.
thinking about these things helps me forget that leaves die and fall off the trees in virginia and that it also gets very cold there. it also helps me forget how very, very hot i'll be this summer. i'll think about that tomorrow.
of course, there are equal things i'll miss about our home here. windy palm trees. the la cocoracha truck. in & out burger. the ocean. and the sun and our neighbors and our friends. plus, this is the place where we started our family. sniff sniff.
anywho, this troop's got a long way to go and a short time to get there. ever tried packing boxes with a toddler at your heels? i don't recommend it.
seriously, can't someone carry me back to ole virginny? like in a superfast sonic machine that also entertains kids, feeds husbands and packs and unpacks boxes?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

something that makes me so sad

i've been reading every story i can find about eve carson, the unc student who was killed randomly in chapel hill, nc last week.
and what i can't believe is that they have photos of some thug using her atm card and driving her car in chapel hill. blocks from where she was found dead. unreal.
(as an aside, how does he know her pin #?)
what is keeping her parents from going stark raving mad?
i'd like to trust that the chapel hill police know what they're doing, but years of small town newspaper experience just won't let me. dear god, please PLEASE help them.

no, really

the morning barfs can stop any time now, little baby. your big brother is so used to it he comes into the bathroom with me and makes puking sounds while i'm hunched over the toilet. and then he spits. it's not exactly a skill i would have rushed to teach him.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

now that you know

there's a lot i gotta catch you up on.
first, tayloe thinks dick farmar is the prophet of warsaw because at tommy's birthday/christmas party at mt. airy in december, mr. farmar looked at me dead serious and asked me if i was expecting. how's that for a conversation starter?
of course i was and didn't know it.
the other thing is that when i went to get my normal annual checkup once we were back in LA and the nurse asked me for a 'sample' i kinda knew i was pregnant but didn't really so i was nervous. so nervous that i spilled said sample all over the floor. to my credit dr. park's bathroom is really small (back me up, sarah q). in between flushing and standing up, i knocked it off the sink counter. i came out with the cup and the very shallow remains and tried to laugh it off by saying, 'ha ha, i bet that happens all the time.' i mean, who hasn't spilled pee on their doctor's bathroom floor (and then stepped in it)?
the nurse said, actually, it wasn't all that common.
the final thing is that i went recently to get measured for a bridesmaid's dress since i'm to be in my sister in law's wedding (horray!) on oct. 11 (a month post-partum). a sweet little indian man pulled out his tape and his pen and paper and measured my chest. he wrote down a number. then he measured my waist. and measured it again.
'hhmm,' he said in his indian accent.
'hhmm' i said.
'hhmm,' he repeated. 'vell, it's just dat tour bust and tour vaist are de same size.'
and i said, 'not exactly barbie.'
he said, 'do voo vant me to make your vaist smaller?' and i said, 'nah, i don't have the time today and plus, i kinda want this baby.'
he laughed and said, 'i'll just vrite down vhat it is and vish voo luck.'
luck with the baby or luck fitting into a dress, i'm not sure.