Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i stink

well, time flies when you're havin fun doesn't it?
it kinda does.
thomas will be six months on sunday and he's already eating us out of house and home. i've never seen a child down so much food. i keep shoving it in and he keeps gulping it down. he's just about the happiest baby i've ever known.
today was one of the first times i really felt outnumbered. tayloe (2), thomas and i were sitting on the sofa reading before naptime. i'm reading 'cordoury' but tayloe isn't listening and is instead getting great amusement out of making his brother laugh. i ask him to stop and listen, but he doesn't so the two of them are giggling at each other and i'm sitting there reading a stupid book to the dog, who i doubt is listening either.
i gave up and just put them both to bed. as i tucked tayloe in he asked if baby thomas could sleep with him. a rare, tender act of brotherly love.
i'm so screwed.