Thursday, December 03, 2009

asleep at the wheel

that's kinda how i've been feeling. does my lack of posts make it obvious? the busyness of this time of year always my head swim anyway, but lately i've just felt like i can only get the basic stuff done. i tried to take a photo of the boys yesterday for a christmas card. i should know better by now, but sometimes i just can't help myself.
instead of the happy, gleaming image i imagined i got two screaming kids, one with juice spilled all over his head. i took a picture of that, thinking maybe reality would be better, but even it didn't come out. one's crawling away so fast he's a blur and the other ducked out of the frame just as i pushed the button. so it's basically a picture of a chair.
i can't even seem to get the advent calendar stuffed. three days in a row i've had to distract tayloe so that i could get the treats in before he saw. no way i can keep that up.
i gotta wake up and get with it or we're going find the family truckster cruising east bound at 80 in the west bound lane. hhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnk.

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