Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas wishes

I remember getting Christmas wish books in the mail when I was a kid
and pouring through them for weeks. I'd circle things I knew there was
no way on gods green earth I'd get, like a trampoline or a battery
powered Barbie car or later in the delicious neiman and Marcus
catalogue, makeup. I'd read the descriptions over and over again,
imagining all the fun I could have if the Barbie car really could run
for up to four hours without a charge. It was good to dream and to
this day I still prefer them to the Internet.
So here's Tayloe, starting young with the dollar general wish book.
It's taken it's place among his favorite bedtime reads. The other day
he tried to comfort Thomas with it. 'Read this Thomas,' he said
through his brothers wails. There's nothing so wrong that a picture of
a $3 remote control tractor can't fix.

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